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Turnkey ASIC

As a premier silicon provider, INVECAS, delivers flawlessly on these key metrics:


We understand the importance of introducing products that align with end-customer purchasing cycles. These market windows dictate and drive our engineering team to deliver on-time samples every time. Our customers benefit from working with us as their extended team with similar goals. With a highly motivated team that is willing to walk-the-talk, INVECAS, has a record of delivering above and beyond customer expectations on their committed schedules.


To help our customers differentiate their products from their competitors, INVECAS works tirelessly to push the limits of technology for the best frequency, power and area achievable in any process node. Our engineers have developed robust design flows that incorporate key design practices for repeatable results on varied architectures. Our customers have consistently been delighted to measure the actual performance to be better than their desired metrics.


A critical parameter to business success, INVECAS offers flexible terms to enable visionaries translate ideas into silicon. We believe in our growth through our customers growth. Our aggregation model allows us to pass on the economies of scale to our customers and help create business opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Customers love to work with us to take advantage of our ability to invest in them.

Turnkey Custom Silicon Production

INVECAS provides full turnkey NPI and Production management for our ASIC products.

With long term partnerships at leading foundries along with assembly partners, INVECAS can help take the guesswork out of vendor selection and management while providing the most cost-optimized solution for your project. From there, we will work to improve yield, negotiate YoY cost reductions and manage any RMA/FA issues that arise. All while working to maintain a DPPM <30.

Our Supply chain group has established an integrated ERP systems that supports full traceability and provides WIP management, demand analysis, fulfillment, logistics and costs analysis.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

During the NPI phase INVECAS experienced in-house engineers design the package, develop and debug the ATE Test, perform product Qualification, product engineering/yield management services and Release to Production (RTP).

Package Design

INVECAS package engineers carefully select the optimum package for the Design keeping in mind the cost versus performance tradeoff. Our in-house package Design group deploys state–of-the art design and simulation tools utilizing our co-design approach to ensure the package meets the electrical signal integrity, power integrity requirements, as well as mechanical and thermal requirements.

ATE Test Design and Development

INVECAS Test engineers start with selection of the ATE tester that meets the electrical requirements at the optimum cost. Care is taken to ensure the ATE system can accommodate the channel count, power supply/currents, vector memory, and uses a widely available tester platform. Using our Test conversion tools we playback the vectors to ensure 1st pass success. A very high test coverage is achieved to ensure very low DPPM during production.

Product Engineering, Qualification and Characterization

Depending on the customer market segment requirements, our products undergo rigorous qualification and characterization process using industry standard specifications. Such testing provides an early read on the robustness of the ASIC die, the package and their interactions.

Our ASIC characterization plan will cover the process corners that will be representative of process variations sensitive to the Design. The characterization performed on these PVT corners will ensure predictable yields during production ensuring on time delivery.

During volume production our Product Engineers utilize the state-of-the-art yield management tools to analyze the yields and employ a continuous improvement process to enhance the yield to exceed yield targets.

In the event of any unexpected failures from the field, our engineers who have designed FA (DFA) plan for failure analysis and debug activities will ensure an expedited response. Based on the analysis, our quality team will provide root cause and generate an 8D report detailing containment and elimination process plan.