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Embedded & Application Software

INVECAS has a rich and diverse experience in embedded software development spanning across various industry segments such as consumer, medical, industrial, mobile, automotive, IoT, media and entertainment. We have strong technology expertise in multimedia–Audio/Speech/Video signal processing, Radar signal processing, wireless and mesh networking, IoT and ADAS. We can assist at all stages of product development life-cycle starting from software architecture and design, ASIC/platform bring-up and validation, software development and integration, testing and QA, all the way to production and certification.

Platforms Software

Our embedded software group has extensive platform software capabilities covering OS porting (Linux/Android/RTOS), boot-loaders/U-boot, BSP, device drivers, firmware and SDK development. We have strong expertise on SoC and platform power management and optimization, resource management and sharing, multi-core/multi-processor implementations, IPC etc.

Projects undertaken (sample):

  • Platform and System software for Wearable SoC with 3 heterogeneous cores running Android, Nucleus and Contiki OS respectively
  • Platform and System software for Android based augmented reality SoC
  • Platform software for various headset chipsets – BLE as well as USB based
  • Platform software for automotive edge sensor SoC with a proprietary deterministic low-latency networking interface
  • Android based mobile compute platform design for point-of-care medical diagnostics device
  • Firmware development for HDMI 2.1 transceiver ICs


We have many decades of experience in multimedia and signal processing algorithms, optimization and integration (frameworks). We have strong service offerings in all audio, speech and video processing and compression, voice front-end and computer vision technologies. The INVECAS teams also have strong experience in machine learning and deep neural network algorithms based on CNNs and RNNs.

Projects undertaken (sample):

Wireless and IoT

Wireless and IoT One of the key domain areas at INVECAS is IoT and mesh networking, where we have strong expertise in various smart metering, smart home and industrial IoT technologies, protocols and frameworks. We have the capability in building end-to-end solutions including sensor nodes, gateways, cloud platforms and mobile applications (Android/IOS). The teams have strong expertise in 802.15.4, Zigbee, BLE, BLE mesh, WiFi, WiFi Mesh, 6LowPAN protocols.

Projects undertaken (sample):


The use of radar technology is evolving rapidly beyond military, space, air traffic control and remote sensing into areas such as autonomous driving, ground traffic management etc. We bring strong Radar signal processing knowledge and experience to customers to build differentiating algorithms in these domains and also help fine tune the algorithms for specific radar front-ends.

Projects undertaken (sample):


Augmenting our embedded software offerings, is the application software group. In addition to developing GUI based application development for embedded systems and products, we also develop Android and IOS mobile applications and desktop based tools and applications. We also have strong expertise in web application development – both front-end and back-end, and have developed many applications related to media and entertainment and IoT solutions.

Projects undertaken (sample):


Our Software QA group offers testing capabilities for embedded devices and products, with key skillset in firmware testing, Android platform and application testing, Wireless protocol testing, desktop and web application testing, audio and video testing. We have strong test automation capabilities with experience in developing customized automation frameworks as well as using various existing automation tools and frameworks. The teams specialize use of various specialized equipment like analyzers, signal generators, data capture equipment, etc. needed for various types of systems and also automate their usage through scripts in order to enable test automation. The group also offers DevOps expertise to enable automated workflows and continuous integration.

Projects undertaken (sample):