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Design Services

Our Design Services Team specializes in providing SoC design services to System and Chip companies. Whether it is a concept on a piece of paper or a fully documented specification, team will be able to assist customers in taking an idea to silicon.  With flexible engagement model, we can bring our expertise to help customers in any phase of the design cycle.

Our Key Areas of Expertise 

Our Design Services Team has been together for more than 20 Years, with experience of taping out more than 200 designs in process nodes ranging from 0.25 um to 6 nm, across different foundries. Our team has successfully taped out several SoC’s in Wireless Infrastructure, High Performance Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Automotive fields. SoC’s ranged from small die sizes implemented using complex low power flows to very large die sizes in excess of 775 mm2.

Our Design Team has sound knowledge of all the commonly used interfaces and brings to the table years of experience integrating several third party IP’s into SoC’s. Customers can rest assured that their design is in safe hands. With world class infrastructure, access to best in class EDA tools, and large engineering pool customers can be assured of their projects being executed flawlessly and always on time. All the designs go through our highly automated predictable flow, Advanced Chip Builder Tool (ACT)™. This flow incorporates hundreds of checks to make sure implementation risk is almost close to zero and guaranteeing first time silicon success.

What is ACT™ ?

  • An Automated Platform for Synthesis to TapeOut flows with GUI
  • Developed using Make and Perl/Tcl scripting languages
  • Every implementation flow is divided into set of sequential and parallel nodes
  • Each node has predefined input and output dependency
  • ACT™ Flow execute all these nodes as per defined dependencies


ACT™ GUI Overview




  • Shorten the turnaround time
    • 30% - 40% compared to industry standard
  • Ensures no errors/surprises during project execution
    • Every engineer in the project uses the same base line
  • Improving the quality of the design
    • Engineer can spend more time on analysis
  • Enable easy review and Sign-off with the customer
    • Flow generates detailed summary reports for review