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Are you driven by a need to learn advance chip design techniques and deliver products that impact the lives of people in a significant way? INVECAS has opportunities to allow you to enhance your knowledge across multiple market segments that will be mainstream lifestyle in the future. For example, 5G Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Self-driving Automobiles, Industrial Automation, Space Exploration, High performance Computing, Data Center Infrastructure and many more. We provide the right environment to help foster your talent and enable you to enhance your skills

Employee well-being is our utmost priority. We have designed a program called Life@INVECAS to offer our employees a work-life balance that covers all aspects of healthy living. We focus on five aspects which makes working at INVECAS a rewarding experience.


Health is Wealth. We promote good physical and mental health in our workplace. Our offices are ergonomically designed, and our corporate culture enables constructive feedback among our employees.


Family comes first. We have our employees and their families covered with our well – planned health benefits.


Community programs allow our employees to engage with the local population. This enriches their lives with customs and practices that they may not have had exposure to.


Ambition is encouraged to aim for the stars. Managers are trained to focus on career growth for all. Everyone is given equal opportunity to grow in multiple disciplines.


A financially secure employee is a happy employee who can be more productive. Our compensation packages ensure that we are competitively priced to the market value.

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INVECAS ‘s code of conduct is formulated with the commitment to a policy of equal employment and advancement opportunities for all qualified individuals without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age (subject to statutory limits), marital status, pregnancy, political affiliations, national origin or disabilities. All decisions with respect to recruitment and promotions are made solely on the basis of qualifications and skills viewed in relation to the requirements of the position.