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About Us

INVECAS is a world class Product Engineering Company that provides custom solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our pool of approximately 350 well-trained engineers can offer design services from Application Software to Transistor Level Layout in advance technology nodes including 5nm. Customers take advantage of our extensive experience in co-developing hardware and software under one roof to translate their ideas into real products. Our turnkey engagement model allows our customers to rely on warranties provided on work performed. With the experience of shipping millions of production worthy silicon to hundreds of customers, INVECAS, is your trusted partner to deliver designs on time with the quality you expect.

Our Mission

We make technological and disruptive innovations happen.

Our Vision

We inspire our customers to differentiate through innovation that influences people’s lives.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We make it a top priority to protect customer intellectual property and information
  • Nimbleness: We commit to quickly respond to customers’ needs
  • Visionary: We challenge the status quo by embracing a continuous improvement culture
  • Excellence: We strive to deliver world class ASIC design services and solutions
  • Collaboration: We adapt based on the dynamic nature of our customers’ requirements
  • Accountability: We do what we say
  • Service: We make customer satisfaction our number one goal

Our History

INVECAS Founded IBM Memory Team Acquisition Koolchip Acquisition
Successful Product demonstration for Ultra Low Power Wearable SOC Embedded Software for Audio DSP and Mixed Signal ICs
1st 14nm Tape Out Characterization Lab Setup
Squid Systems
Acquisition (Audio/Video)
Automotive Full Turn-key ASIC Tape Out (Specification to Automotive Qualified Parts)
Lattice’s HDMI
Team Acquisition
Simplay Compliance Lab Acquisition Krivi (Arm spinoff)
Acquisition (DDR)
Turn-key Automotive Sensor Hub Chip Tape Out Memory Team (Oracle)
1st 7nm Tape Out Embedded Software for large Smart Meter Company
Turn-Key IOT BLE Chip Tape Out 7nm IP Development ISO 9001 Certification Embedded Software Services for prominent Graphics and X86 Company
AI Processor
Turn-Key ASIC Sampling
ASIC Mass Production
Embedded Software for OTT Applications
IP Portfolio Sale to Synopsys 5G Base Station Chip Tape Out HDMI Team Sale to ADI Next Generation AI Processor Turn-Key ASIC Design Win Media and Display Validation